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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  August 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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a positive new development in the fight against the zika virus this morning. a possible vaccine. >> the ground fight is still going strong with crews out spraying more in the miami area. how they've stepping up efforts to fight zika. >> another case of road wage on bay area roidz that involves motorcyclists. >> george zimmerman back in the headlines again this morning. he was reportedly punched in the face. coming up what happened and let you listen to the 911 call when zimmerman called for help. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez.
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morning, bay area pastors taking active shooting classes preparing in case of a dangerous situation. just ahead, the pastors explain why they feel such classes are paramount for them today. right now over the leigh for a check on the friday morning. >> let me somalia down to the an mahany rihanna island area. -- ana marie island. you're probably seeing some rain. this is citrus county. just to your north there's some lighting strikes. you may be hearing thunder. right now 80 in tampa, 72 inverness, zephyrhills starting your day at 84. -- at 74. hour by hour temperature trend coming
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leslee. >> hi. a live view outside. the right hand side of your screen is i-4 westbound towards downtown. everything is moving fine there. good morning to you in the riverview area. maybe you're about to head north along i-75. here's a live picture near 301. also very quiet. bay area bridges between hillsborough and pinellas county looking good. no problems with the courtney campbell, howard bridge or gandy. you're looking at 10 minutes between drive times. another update in a few. gene and gayle back to you. >> thank you meredith. zika spreads in florida . there's finally some good news about possible vaccines. now one ask headed to clinical trials. news channel 8 lindsey mastis is live from the hillsborough county health department this morning.
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latest vaccine if all goes according to plan they are going to start start testing it on humans by october. there's another vaccine further along. we will not see a vaccine in the immediate future and that's why health departments across the state are monitoring zika will closely. >> just to be very clear zika is unprecedented. we never before had decide that could cause a birth defect. that's why we take it so seriously. the key is to protect pregnant women. >> reporter: in miami planes are dumping insecticide and they will continue to do that for several weeks. health officials believe the area where zika is spreading is smaller than originally thought, just 500 square feet. it's in the
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health departments are offering frequent violence kits to pregnant women. pinellas county is offering to test pregnant women for free between monday and thursday. as soon as we hear any information about whether there's new cases or updates on the vaccines we will let you know. >> that's they're making progress. thank you, two toddlers wand ed ered you have towards that busy highway. they manager today sneak out of the playground in volusia county and walk to a store. the owner of the day care is very upset. >> that's my business. that's my baby you know, i've been doing this for so many years. that's the first time it happened. >> the teacher has been fired.
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neglect. there's been no major violations since it happened. manatee counties deputies conducted active shooter training par toers. -- pastors. pastor erik grieves. >> it's a mental note to say could happen. >> they think people should take to worshippers who bring a gun to effort. the effort to run a ferry between tampa and st. petersburg will be ready to cast off. leaders approved the proposal during their council meeting.
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several trips during rush hour. the final vote is tuesday. new rendering somehow still design options along bay shore drive. they include restaurants and possible amphitheater. public input will be allowed in september. happening today, former governor charlie crist w a round stable discuss with pinellas county seen major citizens. he's running against david jolly for the 13th congressional district. that will happen at the gulfport public library this morning. a man in jail for killing a motorcyclist in a road
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accident. as the biker walked back to his motorcycle he was shot in the back. police arrested ezekiel henson. he's expected to make his first appearance tomorrow morning in court on aggravated battery charges. an 8 on your side health warning, a no surprise advisory is in effect at venice pitching pier beach. the people not to get in the water. new results will determine whether swimming listen will be allowed there. mostly dry this morning but not completely dry. we have just watched a new showers come on shore on the coast of man key. i'll zoom down here to ana a rihanna island -- ana marie island. it's going to be a little wet.
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push closer to the mainland just in just the next few minutes. rainfall potential between now and 1:00. most of the showers are staying west of 75 along the coast. as the day progresses notice how you get showers to push further and further inland eventually making their way into polk and island county. heavy downpours up to 20 inches -- up to 2 inches. 86 at 1:00 and 88 degrees should be the high. we'll keep the higher rain chances in for seasoned and sunday. -- for saturday and sunday. let's check in on what's happening on the roadways. >> a live view outside.
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is going to be that right-hand side you can see just a handful of folks still out and about. we haven't hate the rush hour stride yet. that's good news. this is i-4 near i -75. i-4 on the bottom. as you can see, everything looks good there also. pinellas county if you're out the door maybe in the east lake area or holiday heading southbound on 19, no problems to report there. that's always good news. a look at 275 in st. petersburg. looks great from the skyway up to the howard frankland bridge. drive across the howard frankland bridge is 6 minutes. >> thank you, meredith. today tampa firefighters will honor their brothers and sisters in blue. they will host an appreciation lunch for tampa police officers. they decided to put on the lunch to show their appreciation for them.
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vent planned to thank police officers for their service today. a group of citizens will also present huge thank you cards to ana marie police, bradenton beach and manatee county deputies as well. a nice way to appreciation. >> that's for sure. tampa bay comicon. >> university professors do not want guns on their campus. what the attorney general thinks about that. >> first george zimmerman punch in the case. the 911 call he made just ahead. >> it's 5:450 and you're
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there is a grocery store, it is right down the street like 2 miles, and i will drive past it... ...every time i go grocery shopping, because right past it there is a publix. i wouldn't shop anywhere else. they always go out of their way for me so i don't mind going a little out of my way for them. the people are always friendly, always helpful, they don't just point to aisle 7, and say good luck... they literally, they will walk you there. they're just nice. they treat you like a friend there. you don't get that everywhere.
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george zimmerman is waking up a little sore after he was punch in the face in a restaurant in sanford. zimmerman claims he was talking to people about shooting george zimmerman in self-defense. a large white man approached him and said, quote, you're bragging about that and came back and punched in the face. that's when zimmerman called 911. >> what's doing on there? >> this man just punched me in the face. >> is he still there? >> yep. he said he was going to kill me. >> what's your name, sir? >> i'd rather give it to the officers when they get here. >> what started the argument? >> he recognized me. >> zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin
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he was found not guilty of second degree murder. new information this morning. we know now the american woman who was killed in the stabbing attack in london had thighs too ties the florida. in news across america this morninger a federal judge is expected to rule in a out the controversial carry law in texas. professors want it suspended before classes resume. currently licensed gun owners are allowed to carry their weapons on campus. >> they cannot come up with the disciplinary consequences if i
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there's still no answer. >> the attorney general ken paxton called it frivolous. check out what was spotted last night in miami. yeah. see that biggie tlchl -- there. a security guard called 9112 when -- 911 when he spotted this 8 foot >> he's a big one. look at him. travel of all kinds is being impacted by the spread of zika and florida is starting to feel it. american, jetblue, delta, spirit airplanes and southwest are offering refunds or exchanges for turned people traveling to effected places including miami. >> this is the first time that the fravl government has issued
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>> you can spread the virus so one who may be more susceptible. if you want to learn more our web team put together a special zika section on he is an item -- or here's an item to put on your back to school to do list, how about an eye examine. many parents don't realize their c they could effect them in school. >> they wouldn't be able to see the board, what the teacher is doing. whether -- when you're looking up close you can't see the material. >> some signs children may be needed include squinting, holding things very close and not recognizing people when they come into the room. happening today, kids can get their teeth cleaned for no cost before heading back to the classroom. the florida
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county is offering free dental screenings between 8:00 and 11:00 for new patients only ages 4 through 18. they are fifrs come first look -- they are first come first serve. they are in clearwater and st. petersburg. today through sunday you can get into to the tampa convention center for comicon foric they have some art. it's the perfect place for ner did -- and nerd lyy .
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went over seas to study this summer. they even got to stay with host families and meet some other till pill grams. >> what a great example to do that work over the summer break. usually kids don't what about -- don't want to do anything.>> it's 5:48 on this friday. we made it, leigh. >> we did. yesterday morning we have had a lot of rain to start the day. now one place that i'm tracking rain, ana marie island, holmes beach. this is the sunshine skyway brim. just know it might be wet. it's already scary enough. some rain pushing on shore in the area area. just off the
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for you. you may be hearing a lot of thupder, seeing the lightning. there's several lightning strikes offshore. they will continue to push closer to shore. 78 degrees at 8:00 a.m. as these shoirs mie grat further and further inland more of you will see the rain. 88 degrees at 4:00 p.m. held down with the extra clouds and rain. 78 in sarasota and mywet watcher beckie in bradenton said it's 79 on her birthday. happy birthday. this computer model is show ing the trend. i think there will be a little more rain but as the day progresses the rain moves further and further inland a 50% chance, the exact same forecast for saturday and sunday. highs in the upper 80s. meredith is in for leslee. how is traffic on the 8s?
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springs. pinellas you are quiet. good morning to our friends in the wesley chapel land o' lake boulevard. no problems with 41 or the suncoast parkway. another update in just a couple of minutes. the women's gymnastics team will begin their quest for cold object sunday. what they're ands how -- how samsung is giving us first person coverage of the
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foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs,
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foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. on the road to rio, excitement has been building. the games are already underway. for those wants a firsthand experience you can start in fans with watch the olympics through virtual reality. everything will be captured through first person video and samsung products division can't wait to share this technology with us. >> i think virtual reality is a transformative technology. you can be there in the center of
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much cheaper than a trip to rio. coverage starts tomorrow. i can't wait to hear user feedback from this. >> i don't know what the ceo said but i want one was of those voice. the u.s. women's gymnastic team is getting some practice before the start of the olympics. they performed. podium training is meant to the gymnasts a feel for the equipment that's going to be using. simone biles. >> me and lor i said we're waiting for someone to wake us up and pinch us and be like you guys got punked, isn't real. we are so excited to represent. >> she's so cute. >> you forget how young they are. >> and talented.
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tonight is the opening ceremony. >> what you can see expect to see tonight. >> a carport roof crashed on top of a worker pinning him underneath. the special tools used to set him free. >> weather and traffic on the
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[announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here.
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it's 5:58 it's 80 degrees at tampa international airport right now. a few showers off the gulf of mexico across the sunshine skyway bridge. a high of 88 degrees with a 50% chance of rain. this is the skyway bridge approaching the pinellas side. you can see some sprinkles on
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and sarasota counties checking in accident free. other bridges i want -- including the howard frankland bridge looking good at
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a road rage shootings in tampa . this morning one is under arrest after a motorcyclist is recovering after he was shot in the back. >> tax free back to school shopping begins today. 8 on your side what items are tax free and which ones >> plus all eyes on rio for the olympic opening ceremony. the day is here. we are your olympic station with coverage from rio. what you can expect as crews put the finishing touches on the stadium. good friday morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm gayle guyardo. let's get you out the door on this friday morning. how is it shaping up, leigh? >> for most of us not too bad. there's some areas see ing rain over


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